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Telling Their Stories urban school of san francisco


oral history review coverThe Oral History Review article on Telling Stories
Howard Levin's article, Authentic Doing: Student-Produced Web-Based Digital Video Oral Histories, was recently published in the Oxford Journals Oral History Review.

Mississippi students join Telling Their Stories in San Francisco

Civil rights figure Brenda Travis, the catalyst for the voting rights movement in McComb, MS, in August 1961, visited Urban School in May for a collaborative interview with students from McComb High School.


zusman-bookTelling Their Stories highlighted in recent book

Angela Zusman's new book, Story Bridges: A Guide to Conducting Intergenerational Oral History Projects, prominently features Telling Their Stories. Zusman's book is filled with quotes from Howard Levin and Alison Ganem '07. The cover photo portrays the pre-interview of the late Floyd Dade, Jr. with Lindsay Galoob '06 and Sarah Goodman '06.