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Telling Their Stories urban school of san francisco
Fillmore Redevelopment and Dislocation
Arnold Townsend Reverend Arnold Townsend
Leader of the Black Student Union at SF State University, involved in the fight against redevelopment in the Fillmore
Carol O'Gilvie spacer Carol O'Gilvie 
Teacher and school administrator, long-time resident of the Fillmore and witnessed impact of redevelopment on the community
Matt Herron spacer Mohammed Bilal
Writer, musician, poet and diversity advocate, witnessed how the crack epidemic spread through the Fillmore and Western Addition
Charles Collins Charles Collins 
Collins served as President and CEO of San Francisco's YMCA. He earned an MA in City Planning (MIT) & a law degree (Harvard)
James Rogers spacer Leola King
Operated restaurants and bars in the Fillmore including the Blue Mirror jazz club, all closed as a result of redevelopment
An Oral History Archives Project of The Urban School of San Francisco.