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Telling Their Stories urban school of san francisco
Veterans of the Civil Rights Struggle in Mississippi
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Tom Hayden Tom Hayden
Journalist and activist sent to McComb in 1961, pulled from car and beaten while covering the walkout at Burglund High School
Jan Nave Barnes Jan Nave Barnes
1963 Miss Mississippi, her family was run out of down after inviting civil rights workers into their home
Marion Barry Marion Barry
Born in Mississippi, his early SNCC organizing roots started in McComb - he later became mayor of Washington, DC
Helen Robinson Brenda Travis
Sixteen year old jailed in 1961 for attempt to integrate McComb's bus terminal
First ever cross-school collaborative interview
Jacqueline Martin Jacqueline Martin
Active in the 1961 student walkout at McComb's Burglund High School, she was arrested and jailed with other students
Helen Robinson Helen Crossley Robinson
Born in Summit, MS in 1916, 3 of her 7 children attended Burglund High School during the walkout in 1961
Joe Martin Joe Martin
Key leader of the 1961 student walkout at McComb's Burglund High School, he was arrested and jailed with other students
Birdie Lee Walker Birdie Lee Walker
Born in Amite County, MS in 1918, she was among the first African Americans in the county to register to vote
Hollis Watkins Hollis Watkins - NEW
Key civil rights leader who started in McComb, & jailed multiple times – listen as he sings several freedom songs w/ student interviewers
Curtis Muhammad Curtis Muhammad
Born near McComb, he became active with SNCC and was involved in the walkout at Burglund High School
David Billings David Billings
A native of McComb, Rev. Billings' experience drove him to become a civil rights activist
Joe Lewis Joe Lewis
Senior at Burglund High School in 1961, his public inquiry during an all-school assembly became the spark that set off the walk-out
Bob Moses Robert (Bob) Moses
Considered by many to be the father of the Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi, he was the lead SNCC organizer in McComb.
Patsy Ruth Butler Patsy Ruth Butler
Born and raised in McComb, she witnessed and supported the student walkout at Burglund High School in 1961
Emogene Bryant Emogene Bryant
Wife of the late C.C. Bryant, she sat at the center of civil rights actions in McComb
Patsy Ruth Butler Lillie Mae Carstarphen
Participated in civil rights actions in McComb, Mississippi in the early 1960's voting rights drive
James Jenkins James Jenkins
Among the first 4 African Americans to integrate North Pike High School in Pike County, MS in 1965

See interview with San Francisco attorney, Robert Rubin, in preparation for Urban School student interviews of civil rights veterans

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Student conducted interviews in collabotation with: The Urban School (San Francisco CA), McComb High School (McComb, MS), Mississippi School of the Arts (Brookhaven, MS) and The Overlake School (Redmond, WA). Prior support from the Kellogg Foundation via Teaching for Change.
kellogg foundation teaching for change