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More about McComb

Students from McComb High School in McComb, Mississippi attend Vickie Malone's Local Culture course where they learn about their own community in the process of preparing to interview local elders who experienced racial discrimination during the time of the Civil Rights Movement centering around 1961-'64.

This represents the first collaboration of another school with Urban School's Telling Their Stories oral history project and the first focusing specifically on stories from the Civil Rights Movement.

See a promotional micro-documentary on this project, produced by students at The Urban School of San Francisco.

See front page article published in the McComb Enterprise-Journal, 11/16/08.

Found photos of a public hanging.

Students from McComb High School in McComb, Mississippi just prior to their interviews with Joe Martin, Emogene Bryant, Patsy Ruth Butler, Lillie Mae Carstarphen, Helen Crossley Robinson, and Jacqueline Martin in November, 2008, April, 2009, January, 2010 and March, 2010.