Mr. Hollis Watkins

Date: March 28, 2018
Mississippi School of the Arts – Brianna A, Amory C, Cowley G, Sidney M, Mallori P, Zoe C, Elizabeth W, Anna A, London S, Jade D, Annalee H, Kaden N, Emily B, Chrystian B, Lucie C, Junyla S, Daria F, Terri D, Demi D, Maleah B, Maney D, Cierra P, Vamiya S, Kendarius S, Tahj H. Se’Lah N
The Overlake School – Wesley C, Garrett D, Anda G, Charlie H, Lena K, Gaurav N,Griffin R, Shivani S, Annie V, Wendi Z.
With Overlake teachers David Bennett, Lisa Orenstein, and MSA teacher Vickie Malone
Location: Mississippi Civil Rights Museum in Jackson, MS

Hollis Watkins was born on July 29, 1941, in Lincoln County, Mississippi near the town of Summit. He is the youngest of 12 children born to sharecroppers John and Lena Watkins. He began his work in civil rights in McComb, MS, participating in the first sit-in in the city, as well as participating in a student walk out from the black high school, Burglund High, in McComb. He joined SNCC, worked with Bob Moses, and began canvassing potential voters around McComb, Mississippi in Pike County.

This interview represents a new collaboration between the Overlake School in Redmond, WA and the Mississippi School of the Arts in Brookhaven, MS.

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