Mr. Joe Lewis

Date: March 26, 2011
Interviewers: McComb High School students, Taylor G, Shuntell S, Sabrena M, Dominic C, Vo'neicechsi W ; Urban School students, Alyssa M, Hannah G, Mai Li I, Jacob R, Wilson K; with Deborah Dent-Samake, Vickie Malone and Howard Levin
Location: McComb, MS

Joe Lewis was a senior in October of 1961 and a student at the all black Burglund High School in McComb, MS. Mr. Lewis is credited with standing up at an assembly and asking about a student, Brenda Travis, who had been expelled for civil rights actions. He asked when she would return. He was asked to go to the principal's office, but he and several other seniors organized a walk-out from the school. Over 125 students walked out that day in support of Brenda Travis, and in protest to her expulsion. 

This interview represents a historic collaboration between Urban School of San Francisco and McComb High School. Seven Urban School students and their teacher traveled to Mississippi to collaborate on this and other otherviews alongside McComb High School students.

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