Lawrence Peckler Date: 7/29/2008, San Francisco, CA
Interviewers: Vickie Malone, Yogita, Mary Larson, Pete Van Auken, Jonathan Parsons [adult educators, CIT 2008], with Howard Levin.
A native of Chicago, Illinois, Larry Peckler married at age nineteen and headed off to war with the Army Air Corps. He fought in the Battle of the Bulge where he first started to lose his hearing. Peckler helped to liberate the Landsberg Nazi concentration camp in Linz, Austria. He also entered the Mauthausen concentration camp shortly after the war and saw other death and labor camps where he witnessed dead bodies of hundreds of camp victims. He also helped run displaced persons and prisoner of war camps in Austria at the end of the war.

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My name is Vickie Malone, my name is Yogita, my name is Mary Larson, my name is Pete Van Auken, and my name is Jonathan Parsons, and we are here interviewing Lawrence Peckler on July 29th, 2008, in San Francisco, California.


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