Allen Campbell

Date: July 30, 2009
Interviewers: Vanessa Arnaud, Artem Agafonov, David Harris, Elise Marinkovich, Paul DiMarco, Linden Van Wert, and Magarett Ann Morgan, with Howard Levin


Warning: This interview contains graphic descriptions of extreme violence. Viewers are encouraged to visit the online trauma workshop interview prior to consuming this content.

Allen Campbell was born in Los Angles and raised as an orphan in New Orleans. He later joined The U.S. Marine Corps after college. After leaving The Corps, Campbell traveled throughout Eastern and Western Africa including work in Rhodesia in 1973, and flying humanitarian operations in Mozambique in 1984. Campbell was asked to assist the American Embassy in Kampala, Uganda to fly missions exploring reports of human bodies in Lake Victoria. He subsequently ran multiple rescue missions at the height of genocidal massacres in Rwanda. Campbell granted this interview to serve as a witness to the horrors of the violence in Rwanda, as well as to continue his process of recovery from extreme PTSD suffered as result of his involvement.

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*The audio on parts 3-6 is of lower quality due to microphone problems. This will be improved once transcription is completed.