Marielle Tsukamoto

Date: September 8, 2008
Location: Sacramento, California
Interviewers: Allysa Blixen, Nadia Cole, Jeriel Fountain, Ben Kim, Cole Culler, Sarah Summers, Charise Francis, Kyle Cordova, with Howard Levin and Vanessa Arnaud

Marielle Tsukamoto was 5 years old when, along with her family, she was sent from their home in Florin, California, to the fairgrounds in Fresno and then onto the Jerome War Relocation Center in Jerome, Arkansas where she was interned for 2 years. She recounts vivid memories as a young child and the impact on her family. Marielle has been a lead educator in the Elk Grove School Diistrict and a nation-wide activitst wit Japanese American cultural groups.

This interview was conducted by students of Dr. Vanessa Arnaud at California State University in Sacramento, California. Dr. Arnaud was a former faculty member of the Urban School of San Francisco and a graduate of the Digital Oral History Workshop at Urban.

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