Ernest Iiyama

Date: April 6, 2006
Date: El Cerrito, CA
Interviewers: Aaron B ('07), Anna W-B ('07) and Michael C ('06), with Howard Levin and Deborah Dent-Samake

Date: May 15, 2007
Date: El Cerrito, CA
Interviewers: Charlie L ('09) and Rachel D ('09), with Josh N ('09), Glynis M ('07), Shaunré C ('09), with Howard Levin

Ernest Iiyama was born in Oakland, California in 1912 and then moved to Japan at age eight. After graduating high school in Japan, Ernie returned to California were he attended the University of California at Berkeley. He was sent to the Topaz internement camp in 1942 and served as a leader in the camp. An active member of the Nisei Young Democrats and the Japanese American Citizens League, Ernie has remained policitally active all his life.

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