Sato Hashizume Date: January 23, 2008, San Francisco, CA
Interviewers: Greg W ('10), Jimmy S ('10), Jessica M ('10), Mikhael P ('10l, Jane P ('08), with Howard Levin
Sato Hashizume was born in Japan in 1931 and immigrated to Portland, Oregon as an infant. At the start of the war, she was first sent to the Portland Assembly Center and then transfered to the Minidoka Internment Camp in Idaho where she was interned for nearly for three and a half years. She traveled to Salt Lake City to join her father and then the family moved back to Portland where she finished high school. Sato attended college in Portland, became a nurse and eventually gained a Masters in Public Health Nursing at the University of Minnesota. She eventually settled in San Francisco working at the University of California San Francisco.

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