Dora Apsan Sorell

Date: May 1, 2007
Location: Berkeley, CA
Interviewers: Ally C, Jeff M, and Sophia S, with Alison G, Ashlyn P, with Howard Levin

Date: January 15, 2008
Location: Berkeley, CA
Interviewers: Alex B, Daniel S, Dorothy G, Rebecca A, with Matthew G, Talia C, with Howard

Dora Apsan Sorell was born in Sighet, Romania in 1921 where she spent her pre-war years. Dora was taken to Auschwitz as part of a wave of Hungarian transports in 1944. Afer a year in Auschwitz, Dora was moved to a second camp, Weisswasser. She was liberated two days before the end of the war and returned to Romania to medical school. She eventually immigrated to New York where she practiced medicine. She retired and moved to California with her husband to be closer to their children and grandchildren. She is also the author of Tell The Children: Letters to Miriam about her experiences in the Holocaust.

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