Freda Rosenfarb Reider

Date: May 16, 2002
Location: San Francisco, California
Interviewers: Sydney ('04), Jack ('04), Rachel ('04), with Howard Levin

Date: May 15, 2003
Location: San Francisco, California
Interviewers: Sophie ('05), Camila ('04), Jack ('05), with Howard Levin

Freda Reider was born on January 10, 1930 in Baden Bei Wein, Austria. She lived with her two sisters and her mother and father as the only Jewish family in their compound. Both her parents were orthodox Jews and she grew up with no toys or any material entertainment, so she enjoyed fantasy games and going to the park. When the Anschluss occurred, she changed over night and matured significantly, even as a nine year old. Her father was imprisoned during Kristallnacht and her family realized they needed to leave the country fast. They received a visa in Vienna and then left Austria for Genoa, Italy. They stayed three weeks and then they left for America. In America, Freda encountered many obstacles concerning her lack of education as well as cultural and language barriers. She overcame those obstacles and ended up graduating high school at the age of 17. She married and had three sons. Now she is an artist living in San Francisco.

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