Karl Lyon

Date: May 14, 2002, San Francisco, California
Taylor A. ('03), Joanna H. ('04), Leah P. ('04), with Jim

Date: May 1, 2003, San Francisco, California
Alyssa G. ('05), Alex K. ('05), Bobby A. ('05), with Howard Levin

Karl Lyon was born in Bühl, in Baden Germany in 1922. He was a child of eleven when the Nazis came to power, and he suffered under their reign. He was one of only three Jews at his high school, and this caused him to be the brunt of many insults and taunts. Luckily for him, he was able to get out of Germany before the war in 1937, coming to America where he lived with his uncle in Kansas City. When America entered World War II, though not yet a citizen, Karl was drafted and sent to Germany where he fought against the Nazis close to his old home town. After coming back from the war, he met and married Czech Holocaust survivor, Gloria Lyon in San Francisco. They have lived together since as refugee and survivor.