Leola King

Date: May 12, 2007; San Francisco, CA
Interviewers: Jonny ('07), Sophia ('08), Natalie ('08)
Location: San Francisco, CA

Leola King was born in Seminole County, Oklahoma, living there before moving to Los Angeles at ten years old and then to San Francisco. In San Francisco, she quickly got into business, and has opened numerous successful and popular restaurants and bars in Cathedral Hill and the Fillmore, all of which have been closed by the Redevelopment agency. Despite her numerous connections with pillars of San Francisco business and politics, she still finds herself struggling with redevelopment in the area, and is now currently involved in a legal battle with the new property at Eddy and Fillmore, the Blue Mirror—using the name of one of her old clubs.

This interview represents a collaboration with Urban School's San Francisco History course, led by faculty member, Dan Matz.

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