Charles Collins

Date: May 12, 2007
Interviewers: Justine G, Katie B, Max C with Dan Matz
Location: San Francisco, CA

Charles Collins was born in San Francisco in 1947 to an educated, upper-middle class family living on Pine Street. He and his family lived there before moving to Mill Valley at the age of five, to Washington, D.C. in 1956, and back to Mill Valley two years later. He went to Tamalpias High School and double-majored at Williams College. After treveling abroad for some years, he went to M.I.T. to earn a master's in city planning and graduated from Harvard Law School in 1976. He then returned to California to work in a San Francisco law firm, with the governor's office, and a private practice in San Francisco commercial and residential real estate. Today he is the president and CEO of San Francisco's YMCA.

This interview represents a collaboration with Urban School's San Francisco History course, led by faculty member, Dan Matz.

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