Productions Guides

Interview Processes

Use Agreement

Confirmation Letter to Interview Subjects

Pre-Interview Forms - (MS Word Documents available upon request)

  1. pre_interview-survivors
  2. pre-interview-Internment
  3. pre_interview-military service
  4. pre-interview-civil-rights

Interviewer Checklist

  1. In the Van checklist
  2. Schmooz Time - guide for immediately before interview

Site Production Checklist

Video Shooting Guide

Post-Interview Processes

Technical Directions (currently customized for McComb High School use)

Transcription Processing

        1. The "Raw Transcription"
        2. Express Scribe directions
        3. Transcript Cleaning
        4. Clarifying Questions - form to track follow up questions
        5. Style Guide
        6. Volunteer Cleaning
        7. Super-Cleaning - the final edit

Progress Chart - sample of how to track multi-student workfloq

Equipment and Software Tools Used

Debrief Form

Sample Proclamation - certificate of appreciation to interviewees