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High school students at the Urban School of San Francisco conduct and film interviews with Bay Area Holocaust survivors in their homes. Students then transcribe each 2-plus hour interview, create hundreds of movie files associated with each transcript, and then post the full-text, full-video interviews on this public website as a service to a world-wide audience interested in Holocaust studies. See Project Descriptions for a more detailed overview of the course and project.

This is an ongoing, ever-changing, and constantly evolving project involving dozens of students, teachers, and community volunteers. The majority of efforts thus far have been applied to the actual interview process as well as posting interviews on this website. We will continue developing this "About The Project" area as a source to encourage schools, non-profits, museums, libraries, and other interested organizations to adopt and adapt the models from Telling Their Stories. Our current strategy here is to simply provide information on our model. Organizations interested in duplicating this project concept will need to re-work many of the directions to fit their own projects.

We urge visitors to send us feedback in the form of suggestions as well as to point out any errors - oralhistory@urbanschool.org.